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From: Imps          Title: Staff Updates                            
                         Posted On: Wednesday, September 20 2017, 12:54PM
We would like to announce a couple of changes regarding the immortal team of

Please welcome Nestor as our Head Builder. He is an incredibly valuable part of
our team and has proven, time and time again, that he's basically magic
incarnate. His work throughout the years has added some of the most important
main-stays to the game, whether it be a unique quest that everybody wants the
whois to, or gear that a good list simply isn't without. Imms across the
spectrum go to him for help with any of their building questions and he is
always willing to give us invaluable input in regards to any considered

When you see Huma, be sure to congratulate him as well, as he is taking over
the role of Head of PR. He has shown to staff and players alike that he's
always willing to listen and help problem-solve any issues, as well as
promptly escalating anything that seems a bit too odd. He has been amazing in
regards to helping us test new skills and attributes, giving us feedback from
a player's perspective.

- Imps