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From: Huma          Title: Stepping down, but not out               
                    Posted On: Thursday, December 05 2019, 09:52AM
Fellow Legendites,

I've truly enjoyed my return engagement as Head of PR for the last couple years but as we all know
how life goes I found myself unable to commit as much time to our community as I would like. Luckily 
for me, transition to a new role was made all the easier by having Emrysia around.

She's an active player, lovely person and I'm looking forward to supporting her going forward as the
new Head of PR.  Join me in welcoming Emrysia into leadership of the PR department.

I will be staying on as a member of the PR and building department which is exciting for me. 

On a personal note, working as an Imm here in any capacity is a privilege which I take seriously.
The people of Legend are a community, we have been in each others lives on and off for decades. We 
all have a duty to take care of our little village here. 

I want to thank so many of you both Imm and Mort for embracing the task of being a positive part of
the community. This place doesn't exist without each and every one of you. Thank you from the bottom 
of my heart for caring.

If you're in the game or on our Discord and feel ignored or lonely or whatnot just remember that we
care, you are apart of our village, you count. 

See you around!