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You might have noticed we installed a small new area about a month
ago called Ancient Sumer.
Sumer holds a very important place in the history of mankind as the
craddle of human civilizations and home to fantastic legends, we HAD
to have an area about it :)

We have however deciced to experiment a bit with the area.

First, it was not announced like we do usually (and will continue doing) for
other areas. We wanted to offer early access to Sumer to the players who like
to explore and discover new places.
It is also an area that was not completed when installed. Instead of waiting
months for large areas to be finished, we wanted to install Sumer in pieces and
give you the area piece by piece.

Sumer is the home of one of the most important Legends, the Epic of Gilgamesh.
The Epic will be the core of the area and will take players through a long,
complex, hard but rewarding quest to complete. And you will be able to discover
new installments of this quest as we finish them.

Right now, Sumer only contains the city-state of Ur, a newbie friendly town that
offer great resources for low level characters and excellent hunting grounds for
characters up to L35.