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( 2) From: Nestor        Title: The Sunken City of Ys                    
                         Posted On: Saturday, July 22 2017, 05:09PM
Oyez! Oyez! I'm very excited to announce with this post that my new
area, the Sunken City of Ys is about to get installed into the game!

The area is located in Medieval times and includes solo content,
quests as well as small group content for 40+ level characters.
Sending a big thanks to Amducious, Cap, Huma, Mertjai and Lamia for
testing it, please be patient as you will likely unveil bugs that 
escaped usĀ :)

Some words on Ys:

The Sunken City of Ys is a Breton legend from the westernmost region of
France. A long time ago, Ys was rumored to be the most beautiful city of
the civilized world. But, the twisted fate of the city saw its princess,
Dahut, open the gates of the great dike and invite the sea to drown Ys and
its cursed inhabitants.

In the bay of Douarnenez, sailors and farmers still tell today that the sounds
of the Cathedral bells of Ys can be heard from below the waves.

Happy Gaming!
- Nestor