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From: Rufus         Title: The Update                               
                         Posted On: Thursday, July 19 2018, 08:46PM

* Various little nit picky things fixed because of a new compiler. 
  This shouldn't affect anything, but there's always a chance it will 
  so please let us know of any strangeness.

* Saving throws still aren't in full use yet, but they should no 
  longer compound to hugely negative numbers if you have one equipped
  or a spell cast on you
* Fixed a bug where Damroll wasn't being properly applied if you 
  were using a weapon

* Fixed a bug where damroll wasn't being properly calculated if you 
  were using a SEC_ATTACK weapon and had +dam items
* (The sum of the last two: hitter types who rely on damroll should be 
  hitting harder after these fixes)
* Hyssop should be able to be made into amulets again

* Removed a loophole in recall where you could get mana back


* Balance is now a hard counter to topple. If the victim of a topple 
  is balancing:
  * that victim will not be toppled
  * the 'balance' effect will wear off
  * the victim will incur a 1-round lag
  * the attacker will incur a 2-round lag
  Note: not many mobs use balance
  Also note: *yet

* TWO-HANDED weapons now increase damroll by 33% -- this doesn't mean 
  two-handed weapons because you're a wimp.
  This is done at calculation time when it's used, so it won't show 
  in attributes.

We're going to try the following with mitigation and cure critical for 
a set period of time (a week, maybe 2) and see how it goes. I'm looking 
for good feedback once you get these in your hands and start playing 
with them. 


1. Battle training no longer required to get mitigation.

2. 1 point of cap for every 2 points of con above 30, up to 70 
   (so the CAP base is 20)

3. If you have battle training, you gain an addition 10 cap points

4. If you have chant/2nd circle, your cap is 10 points lower

5. If you have chant and are capable of 3rd circle, cap is 15 points 

6. If you have battle training, you gain one point of innate mitigation
   (not cap but actual mitigation) for every 5 points above 75 (so 80, 
   85, 90, 95, 100, 105). These apply to your cap, so this just means 
   you need to spend less rent on +mitigation equipment.

7. Mitigation Cap will show in attributes

* Reduced mana cost from 50 to 42
* Tones down the overall amount healed: healing reduced overall, and 
  it's better at healing yourself than others
* cure critical is now a 3-round wait, which can be halved by 
  arcane mastery


Area files have been updated. Items keeping mitigation may lose some 
amount of ac (not the whole amount, just some in most cases of armor).