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Note: The XP game has since been discontinued on February, 20, 2018.

From: Charity       Title: The Xp Game                              
     Appends: 3          Posted On: Thursday, July 08 1999, 09:20PM
Read HELP XPGAME and the sub-files mentioned therein, for details
about this new game. We cannot give out game cards to players until
the next code update, so the first day to participate will be Sunday
or thereabouts.

Players at the Thursday Q&A brought up several interesting points that
are not covered under the current rules. I may be amending the helpfiles,
and will direct your attention to the changes as they occur. In general,
the goal is for you to explore areas, find new mobs to kill, and for the
imms to gather useful information about the mobs in the game, so we can
provide you with better quantities and varieties of what's needed most.
If you play and encounter a situation not covered by the helpfiles, talk
to me, Charity, directly. I will work with players who are making a
good faith effort, just as surely as I'll disqualify anyone who cheats
or uses the game as a token mill for their friends.
If you have any questions, feel free to mudmail me or talk to me online.

Append 1 of 3 from Charity  on Thursday, July 10 2003, 01:28AM
     RE: Charity        Title: The Xp Game                              
This isn't quite in the helpfiles yet, but they will be changed to reflect
that you've successfully completed the game EITHER when you level (having
recorded kills in a minimum of 15 areas according to the rules) OR when
you've recorded kills in 25 areas. The list of non-mobkill events to
record will be expanded to include things like dying, gaining or losing
xp in pkill, and getting xp for quests. This change will allow level 50
characters to participate too. However, since newbie movement is so small
and the number of exploration rooms so great, you will have to be at
least level 5 to participate (otherwise you're likely to level off explore
rooms before you can visit 15 areas).

There may also be a clarification about what constitutes 'cheating' and
what steps will be taken if I catch anyone cheating. I'll append the
exact helpfiles to read when these changes have been documented.

Again, thanks for your interest, and I hope lots of people play!

Append 2 of 3 from Charity  on Friday, July 11 2003, 08:30PM
     RE: Charity        Title: The Xp Game                              
All of the XPGAME helpfiles have had some changes made, to incorporate
the new rules as summarized in the previous append.

Append 3 of 3 from Charity  on Monday, July 14 2003, 09:42AM
     RE: Charity        Title: The Xp Game                              
To clarify some issues that have come up:

To begin playing (if you're not a lvl 50 that is) you must have JUST
levelled. If you've gotten a tiny amount of experience, like from doing
the bunny trans, that's ok. But if you've been killing stuff for xp since
your last level, you won't be eligible to play until you level again, or
until you're in an xp hole. (This rule, btw, is so I have some benchmark
for how much xp you get, with everyone starting off at their level's
xptolevel or greater). "Xp hole" means that you actually have MORE to
now than you did when you'd just gotten your current level... this happens
when you die fairly soon after levelling, but does not happen when you die
just before getting a new level.

For lower level characters who participate: if you level before getting
to explore 15 areas, just append the fact that you levelled, and your new
xptolevel, and keep playing till you've visited 15 areas. We've found that
even when you're trying to play fair, and aren't staying in one place
killing the same things over and over, the explore rooms and the xp you
get from standard kills will quite often level you before you've been to
15 areas. You won't be disqualified if this happens to you.

Note From Mertjai:

From: Mertjai       Title: Discontinuation of the XP Game           
                         Posted On: Friday, August 11 2017, 12:17PM

As the player base for legend has changed over the years we have found that the
XP game is becoming less relevant than it was intended.

We will honor those currently running XP game scorecards, however no new ones
will be issued.

Thank you,