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     From: Rufus         Title: Upcoming code changes (and some that alre
                         Posted On: Tuesday, May 15 2018, 02:10PM
* Fixed a bug where damage-over-time spells were also taking away mana
* fixed a bug where mana draining effects from mobs weren't properly taking
  away mana. Warning: Carmen will be tougher due to this change. Have fun 
  chasing her around.

Previous changes you may have noticed if you're a create mage:

* Total domination of a greater summoned creature is more common, with mind
  playing a much larger role in the dominate equation.
* Summoning lag is no longer a thing
* Greater summoning is now 175 mana, but is never affected by mana reduction or

  mana reduction from arcane mastery
* Clear will still work on greater summoning, however.

We're calling the last bit of the update the 'Merlock, please stop renting 
out when making a charmie' patch.