Welcome Board Archive - Update 3/15/2019

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From: Rufus         Title: Update 3/15/2019                         
                    Posted On: Friday, March 15 2019, 09:23PM

* Fixes hang in summoning familiars
* Deadly Precision shouldn't break sneak/hide
* Etheric Archers should be better about allowing their owners to 
  be flagged for quests and the like. They still might steal xp, 
* If you know the SCAN skill, you can MARK TARGET ('spot') mobs in 
  adjacent rooms. 'spot <mob> <direction>' works.

Help Files:

* QUERY now includes information about QUERY full
* DEATH now has information on the Death Penalty and xp loss below 
  level 50


* Cheetah fur leggings can be mended, and they are also templated 
* Fix to Humbaba sleepwalking
* Tokugawa's pauldrons are no longer timed
* Manekineko in Nikko should now work properly
* Changes to Moloch's Temple (MT): Some mobs are now more difficult and 
  equipped with new tricks so they are back at being a challenge for a 
  small group. XP has been raised accordingly.
* Dragon Hunter Longbow updated to net 10 stat; The rent has been 
  both adjusted and corrected (it was low before). This item is templated.
* AC added to Skyblade and the rent adjusted as appropriate. You can 
  obtain the new skyblade by exchanging the old skyblade with the dwarf.