Welcome Board Archive - Update on Stability Change to Overrent

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We've made a TON of strides as far as stability goes since we turned 
off the 'safe crash' code. 

There's still more work to be done... a lot of bugs have made their 
way into the code base in the past many years. To that end, we're 
going to leave the 'safe saves' in all instances. At most, a 
character will roll back 2.5-4 seconds on a crash (morts, anyway).

However, there's been a huge uptick in the number of people running 
around vastly over rent. 

Being the bearer of bad news I am, we're going to address this 
in one simple way: If you are more than 3000 over rent, any 
xp you gain will be halved at the time the xp is awarded to you.

You have access to the offer command and save (but for checking on 
your current rent, I'd recommend using offer for the sake of our 
hard drives) to keep track of your rent.