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From: Lamia         Title: Updates - Areas/Code/General             
Appends: 6          Posted On: Wednesday, January 16 2019, 11:02PM
Area Updates
- Fixed Herodotus community XP routes assignment
- Fixed issue where Dollar Slot Machine would break with a Jackpot

Heroic Gear:
- a Model 1895 Winchester rifle's rent increased due to spec issues
- Heroic items are now unable to be scavenged by NPCs
    + Only counts if it's the item itself; in a bag? Not safe! (I think.)

- Fixed AC on reinforced boots (-15 (oops!) -> -10)

- Fixed cyclops quest to no longer award ENDLESS XP

- Sumerian pectoral was out of spec regarding AC vs Mitigation;
  the update corrected this
- Veil items (3 varieties) had their AC corrected (-10 -> -6)

- a copy of Spinoza's Ethics Update
    + 4 mind, 4 perc, -3 con, 1 MAR, -5 ac, 2262 rent (HOLD)
- a multi-coloured palette Update
    + 2 perc, 2 spir, 1 dex, -17ac, 1881 rent (SHIELD-a-roo)

- Gear Updates [See Append]
- Misc typo fixes

- Harpy talons now have a better chance of going off; rent now 2445

1802 Alaska:
- Corrected the AC on the ten-legged bear leggings
- Fixed the ten-legged bear hunt act (for realsies)

Code Updates
- Fix for That One Crashing Bug <tm> (you know, from the other day, RICK)
- Removes a penalty to bow damage. #MakeBowsGreatAgain
- Rufus may have more to share. He might not. Who knows?
  Just lots of stuff that Lamias don't necessarily know regarding code.

General Updates
- Helpfile Updates & Additions courtesy of Huma
    + Weapon Speed       + Make Staff    + Flashing Blades
    + Precision Strike   + Mark Target   + Evasion
    + Deadly Precision   + Assail        + Vanish (Skill)

- Lamia

Append 1 of 6 from Lamia  on Wednesday, January 16 2019, 11:35PM
RE: Lamia          Title: Updates - Areas/Code/General             
KZ Gear Updates

a pair of green tinged gauntlets
- Now: 5 perc, 2 ranged accuracy, -9ac, Evil Only, 1981 rent

sigil-inscribed trousers
- Now: 5 mind, 2MVR, 1MAR, -10mana, -20mv, 1785 rent

flowing tattered rags
- Same stats, lower rent (Now 1365 rent)

the cloak of shadows
- Same stats, lower rent (Now 2183 rent)

the helm of darkness
- Same stats, lower rent (material change) (Now 2621 rent)

healing hands
- Same stats, lower rent (material change) (Now 1753 rent)

the holy garments of St. Martha **
- Now: 4 str, 4 spir, -2 con, -1 dex, 3 mana reduc, 4 spell dam
       -4 hit, -12 hp, -15ac, Good Only, 1954 rent

a symbol of the God
- Now: 7 con, -2 str, +15 mana, 2HPR, -10ac, Good Only, 2633 rent

a leg of the Beast **
- Now: 3 str, 3 con, 3 spir, -2 mind, -2 dex, -2 hit, +30 hp,
       -20 mana, -8ac, 3233 rent (HOLD) (Not Unique)

the rainbow shield
- Now: 4 dex, 4 perc, -3 str, 2 hit, 2 dam, -20ac, Anti-Good, 2956 rent

a bloodied helm
- Now: 3 dex, 3 con, -1 mind, 1 hit, 3 dam, -10 mana, -20 mv,
       -10ac, Anti-Good, 2200 rent
Sometimes Lamias make mistakes because they forget to sleep. These mistakes include a typo or two.
Anything with ** by it is currently a little... weird regarding the HP affected. A fix is already 
set to go in with our next reboot, however.

I know the stats on these seem.... really wonky, but I wanted to give them some pizazz while staying
fairly true to what Bart originally gave us years ago. I hope you find some use out of these items 
and give the Tarasque a fight or three.


Append 2 of 6 from Cap  on Thursday, January 17 2019, 12:22AM
RE: Lamia          Title: Updates - Areas/Code/General             
Also the Sumerian bracer of protection had its rent fixed.

Append 3 of 6 from Lamia  on Thursday, January 17 2019, 02:02AM
RE: Lamia          Title: Updates - Areas/Code/General             

a pair of green tinged gauntlets is ACTUALLY not align-restricted any more.

Have fun!

Append 4 of 6 from Cap  on Friday, January 18 2019, 09:47AM
RE: Lamia          Title: Updates - Areas/Code/General             
Abilene Jailhouse:                                                              
- squished some backroom bugs (more fixes in the pipeline)                      
- the baton had to receive a massive face lift, I built it based on an          
  assumption which proved to be incorrect leaving a chance for game breaking    
  exploitation. Please note: It is no longer holdable, the speed factor has     
  been set to default and the spell fires less often. Oh and poison no longer   
  removes the spell. Sorry to pull this weapon back. This situation is proof    
  that a little knowledge is a dangerous thingĀ :P                               
- the Sumerian pectoral and bracer of protection are now templated   

Append 5 of 6 from Cap  on Sunday, January 20 2019, 08:50AM
RE: Lamia          Title: Updates - Areas/Code/General             
Abilene Jailhouse
- the jail collapse now kills everyone as it should
- the jail will not collapse more than once in quick succession
- items should be removed from the pits correctly when the jail loads and
- the ball of energy is even more aggro #thanksvell
- mobs assist each other, essentially making them aggro slightly quicker

- Moran, the giant is accessible once more

- a number of items had mitigation and max AC (no longer allowed in the spec)
  those have all had their AC corrected and templated, as result most had their
  rent dropped slightly.

Append 6 of 6 from Lamia  on Thursday, January 24 2019, 01:39PM
RE: Lamia          Title: Updates - Areas/Code/General             
01/24/2019 Tweaks:

- razor-sharp talons are templated for their new rent & durability

- Abilene-specific ammo can be put in AUX slots for innate reload

Indust Paris:
- tweak to Spinoza's Ethics material/rent/ac

- Items that were revamped to have +/-HP should have +/-HP now
  - a leg of the Beast
  - the holy garments of St Martha
- Another something or other was adjusted, so you can now
  "control the temperature" when required
- Heroic rescue will rescue people who aren't in a fighting position
  - Stunned, etc
- Some quests should no longer reduce XP rewards (such as History Bro)
  - Please note that we're working on getting the appropriate
    NPCs/areas adjusted to recognize this, so please still be
    aware of your rent when completing a quest for the time
    being. We won't reimb missed XP.