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Advanced Reference

Being a Repository of the Documents which are frequently Referred to. The following pages serve as reference material. This is the section to come to if you are looking for complete lists of commands, detailed descriptions of policies, and so on.

Commands reference

  • Help Files - gives you access to all the help files from the the game. (If this is too slow, you can still use the old General Help interface.)
  • Commands lists all the commands available on the mud, with the exception of specialized commands that are listed below.
  • Board editor commands lists the commands used in the text editor when writing board posts and mail.
  • Moods lists all of the moods you can use with Legend's special speech system and emotes.
  • Options documents all the interface configuration options available on LegendMUD.
  • Socials lists all of the social commands available. These are commands used for personal expressions (like smiling, hugging, or bouncing around).
  • The GM Guide is a basic handbook and reference for players interested in founding and running a clan.

Playing reference

  • Games and Events - a popular aspect of LegendMUD, this guide outlines some of the many games and events which players can enjoy.
  • A Guide to Quests - tips and ideas about dealing with quests, including how to find them, and how to finish them.

Policies reference

  • The Code of Conduct describes the acceptable behavior for both players and staff on Legend.
  • The Immort Code of Conduct describes additional standards for the staff on Legend.
  • Playerkilling describes the policies and etiquette regarding playerkilling-enabled characters and playerkilling.
  • Stringing describes the policies on stringing items (making them custom items).
  • Housing for Clans describes the policies on obtaining a clan hall.
  • Descriptions describes our policies on obtaining custom character descriptions, and what standards the description must meet.